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Timeless retro games.
Online multiplayer.

Piepacker™ is a free cloud gaming platform to hangout and play premium retro games with your friends online.

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Live 3D masks and filters.
Make each game a party.

Live 3D masks based on your favorite franchises to make the game even more fun.

Create a room, invite friends in one click.

Piepacker opens in any web browser, no installation required.

Compatible Systems

Runs on your favorite device. For free.

Designed for the web, will run on any device. No expensive hardware required.

Closed Beta
Late 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Piepacker is totally free, like on Spotify you’ll get a few non-disruptive ads. If you want an ad-free experience and a ton of perks you can get a premium subscriptions.

Can I load ROM files on Piepacker™?

At this time, there is no method for loading ROM files directly on Piepacker. We work with the right owners of these games to provide you a legal, safe and high quality experience.

Is it legal?

Absolutely, we buy the rights of every game on the platform. We are on a mission to professionalize retro game emulation.

Can I play with anyone?

Yes, you can play with anyone with a link to your game room, random matchmaking and public game rooms are coming soon.

Do I need an internet connection?

We are a streaming platform but like Netflix we have an upcoming offline mode.

Which games will be available?

We will communicate very soon to all people who registered the full list of games for the closed beta. Stay tuned.

Only retro games?

No, we also love modern retro games like Celeste, the biding of Isaac or Towerfall. We are working on bringing modern indie games to the catalogue. In addition, we are also creating exclusive multiplayer retro games for the platform.

Who is behind the project?

We are passionate gamers who happen to be gaming and tech veterans. We were execs or leads in companies like Twitch, Facebook, Eidos, Microsoft, EA, Xbox and Amazon to name a few. Some team members were also top contributors on the popular emulator Libretro.

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